Canterbury Capital makes long-term equity investments, primarily with its own equity capital. Canterbury is currently focused on micro-cap manufacturing and business service company investments that are generally overlooked by the broader private equity industry. Although, we are also open to looking at unique situations in most industries.

Long Term Perspective

With no pre-determined sale timeline, Canterbury retains each investment until an appropriate opportunity to accelerate company growth presents itself. We don’t have a “five to seven years and out” philosophy.

Overlooked by the Market

We have flexible structures, broad views, and long-term perspectives that provide the ability to adapt to many deal situations when looking to acquire a business. Canterbury does not hold onto strict acquisition criteria of traditional market participants.

Not just about EBITDA

Financial returns are important but so are opportunities for your team. We look to provide a suitable return on our invested capital, while also providing growth and opportunities for both the company and its team. We believe great companies are built when everyone wins.